Games: They Belong In A Museum!

I'm sure that if Indiana Jones were alive today, and not a fictional character portrayed by Harrison Ford, he would look at video games and say "they belong in a museum."

We agree, and now they do belong in a museum. Well, some of them at least.

The Italian government and private investors have been making a big deal about the Italian games industry as of late, and part of that initiative is the ViGaMus, a video games museum that, according to edge-online, will focus on "the history of videogames along with current trends, and will host industry exhibitions and seminars."

Marco Accordi Rickards, director of the Italian Association For The Interactive Multimeda Movement claimed that "the ViGaMus project is a clear indication of Italy’s ambition within the videogames industry".

We love the idea. More details about the ViGaMus will be revealed during the Italian Videogame Developer's Conference which takes place on December 3-4.


    How would it function? I like the idea, but for something so interactive it seems almost a waste just to stick things in a cabinet or behind glass...


    "Screen Worlds" permanent fixture in Melbourne's ACMI.

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