GameStop Bets On Kinect Over Move

This won't be much of a surprise to anyone who's been keeping tabs on the mainstream media and the general public's reaction to both devices, but a GameStop executive reckons Kinect will outsell Move this Christmas. Especially at his house.

Providing a rare, partisan appraisal of both motion-sensing peripheral's chances in the all-important holiday season, GameStop's senior VP of merchandising and marketing Bob McKenzie told Eurogamer "I'd say right now Microsoft's Kinect is looking to be the winner of the two for us."

"We're very happy with the sell through over the weekend. It has met our expectations and actually exceeded our initial forecasts."

"I do have them both obviously and the Move sports bundle is a great option," he adds for that personal touch, "but I knew for my family – with an eight-year-old daughter and 10-year-old boy – that Kinect was really going to be the thing that was more geared towards my household."

Let this serve as yet another reminder that what you guys (and even sometimes us) piss and moan about on a forum has little bearing on the larger world of video game sales. Kinect has been seen as a joke by most "hardcore" gamers, but for people walking in off the street who have only played The Sims and the Wii it must look like sorcery.

Which is certainly a more appealing purchase than Sony's Wii-a-like Move, regardless of how technically impressive the thing actually is once you get your hands on it.

First blood for Kinect in sales war? [Eurogamer]


    That's fine, I like my PS3 more but the 360 is more popular in the states than here in Australia.

    I think the move will have better hardcore gamer support and will then have the best rep but loose in sales, but I think Sony spent less money on all factors involved aswell.
    At the end of the day i have neither and unless there are cool move games I will stick to having none.

      I find it hilarious when i see comments such as "Move cost less to develop" - Of COURSE it did. Kinect has a bigger future than just X-Box, X-Box is simply where Microsoft is releasing it, It's cost more to develop due to what they have plans on doing with it. Move is a cheap and nasty way of doing it for a console only. I know a lot of PS fan boys and they all can Move. I am getting kinect for my partner and it'll be interesting to see how it goes.

    I think the move does have better support from the hardcore gamers. The problem is though that hardcore gamers are a minoriy and gaming is mainly filled with Wii and xbox users so it's no surprise to see the Kinect do well. ITs just a shame to see such a sweet piece of hardware be overlooked like that.

    Just looking at them Move looks more similar to Wii than Kinect. So I imagine plenty of people will think that Kinect is something new.

    I am surprised at that since the move you just need to purchase the move and it works. The kinetic you have to buy a kinetic ready xbox.

    Anyway I hate all motion sensor things. Too gimmicky if you ask me.

      No you don't. works with the old model too. Just have to plug an extra power cord in the wall.

    i think most people will buy the kinect because it seems to be different to the wii while the move seems like a copy. The wii itself showed your gimmick didnt have to be accurate or reliable to sell zillions

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