GameStop Customer Shot And Killed During Armed Robbery

Tragic news coming out of Atlanta tonight, as a 40-year old man has been shot and killed after interrupting an armed hold-up at a GameStop store in Conyers.

Fox News reports that Adrian Tyrone Snow walked into the store in the middle of a robbery, with suspects Giovannte Maddox and Demarkus Williams having already tied up an employee of the store. It was when they tried to restrain Snow, who resisted, that he was shot twice, later dying in an Atlanta hospital.

The pair of suspects - believed to have robbed a number of other GameStop stores in the area - now face murder charges in addition to other offences such as armed robbery, kidnapping and aggravated battery.

Customer Shot During Conyers Game Stop Robbery [Fox - Thanks Chase!]


    Proof that video games make people violent?

    Seriously though, damn, wrong place wrong time...

      Dude, that guy was probably out buying a game for his kid's birthday or something. Try to show a little compassion.

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