Gaming Parents Unite!

Gaming Parents Unite!

I worry about having kids. For many reasons.Will having kids cut into my already limited gaming time? Will I have to stop playing mature games in case lil’ Johnny gets his chocolate covered paws on it? Will he/she pour pour Lucky Charms into my disc tray? All important questions when pondering parenthood. But this Cracked article takes things a step further, by listing the four most important things to know as a gamer parent.

Be warned it does contain some NSFW (yet totally hilarious) language.

The 4 Most Important Things to Know as a Gamer Parent [Cracked]

Thanks to Garrick for the heads up!


  • I am looking forward to more gamer parent perspectives on things as I have a 2 year old who already plays games. I have only introduced him to trials HD but as he gets a bit older, Kinect but I am already thinking about MY games and what involvement he has.

    Also, don’t worry about gaming time as an excuse for not having kids (I know that was not your point but…) I played more games in my sons first year that before or since. Having a kid means you are sleeping crazy hours, but if done correctly, I worked it out where I would put him to sleep at 6 or so, have dinner, relax and settle in for some gaming around 8ish, pause the game for 15 mins while i got him up for a feed at 9 then back into it, would be able to game all the way to 1am until his next feed then go to bed. I would sleep through til 6 or so and wifey would do the 4-5am feed! All good!

    Now all of my gaming happens after 8pm when he is asleep so the two co-exist nicely.

    • Nice work on the time juggle. My best mate had his first child just on 2 years ago now. Since then the majority of our gaming sessions have occured with his daughter on his lap restricting us to slower and less time intensive games.

    • My husband had the first few months of our son’s life off work and basically he’d play Valkyria Chronicles all day. It got to the point where I don’t think my son could sleep without the music from VC as a lullaby.

      And 10 years ago when I had my daughter, I remember feeding her while playing Final Fantasy IX. JRPGs are awesome for gaming one-handed.

      Your feeding schedule makes me jealous though, I’m not bottle-feeding so I can’t get my husband to do it and my son still wants to feed a few times throughout the night. Consequently I haven’t had more than a couple hours sleep in a row for around 21 months now.
      We play games seperately from 7 – 8pm, the difference between the kids’ bedtimes, and after 8 we’ll play together.

      As far as this article, and gaming parent tips go, for me it’s all about being aware. Aware of what your child is doing, and aware of what level of challenge/violence/innuendo they can cope with.
      And most importantly, gaming together when you can.

      • My time juggle is all good now. Son sleeps through from 8pm til 6.30am most nights but It was not always like this 🙁 .. so gaming is done from 8 til 1am for me. I jut make sure there is still some time for a small amount of chores and generally just hanging with wifey.

        Wifey is NOT a gamer AT ALL so i do game alone, but with Kinect, she has for the first time in her life sat and watched me game and last night… how awesome is this…. I created her a gamertag and she now has an account on XBL. She even wanted to change the hair and clothes to match…

        The name i use for her most often is Tashie so when i tried to get a gamertag, the xbox decided that she should be known as SolubleAssassin79 or something stooopid. I asked for another suggestion and was provided with ‘Ta5hie’. The coolest GT i could have even thought for her and the xbox did it all by itself!

        I am thinking of changing mine to Fat5hady out of respect!!!

  • I played it safe, my daughter turned 7 this year, and she’s only just really started using a computer / console let alone playing any games.

    I’ve got a pretty stern stance regarding Facebook and ‘social networking’ garbage, thankfully an outlook the wife shares.

    Still I want to play games with her something fierce. I became a father young, 19 years old, and I remember when I used to play WoW, all my friends telling me to ‘train her up to farm you gold’ and thinking about it nowadays, it probably wouldn’t take much convincing.

    She started gaming with ‘How to train your dragon’ on the Wii, she got sucked into the whole game made from a movie marketing ploy and I decided it was easier then trying to explain the marketing machine and how it insists on pumping out slop to the masses just to make some merchandising dollars.

    It was a crap game 😀

    I put a PC together for her this weekend just gone because I found my PC time had been seriously encroached on by her newfound obsession with Minecraft. She first made fun of me for playing a game where the trees won’t fall down when you cut their trunks out from underneath them.

    Now she’s trying to copy the greenhouse I have on one of my maps, mining for iron to smelt, so she can make a bucket to run some water near her crops. We’re playing side by side.

    Proudest father in the world.

    I’m quite confident that she’s been raised to know the difference between what she sees on the screen and what is in fact reality, and if she’s EVER confused, I am ALWAYS there to make it clear.

    It baffles me that with ratings so obvious on every single gaming related release parents could ‘slip’. Perhaps I would feel different if I had a son, I’d like to think not though.

    Complacency, I think, is where parents seem to be going wrong.

    • Yeah i have always thought the exact same thing..

      Their first console will be either a Snes, Mega Drive, Master System or Atari 2600, just like me.

      None of this new shiny bollocks for them! lol

  • That article has made me so nostalgic for the old PWOT site that I want to shed tears. It also reminds me that, sometimes, games are their own worst enemy.

  • My 11 year-old son has just started to play my PS3 instead of his DS. So now when I get home I need to wait until he’s off but before my wife gets home if I want to play. Otherwise I play when they have all gone to bed.

    I wish he would go back to playing Pokemon.

  • I’m, well, pretty much an ex-gamer parent.
    We have a 4 month old girl (our first) and since she was born I’d say I’d have played games for a total of about 3 hours or so.
    I’m the father and we’re breastfeeding, but I try to keep my wife company when she feeds, rather than being absorbed in a videogame.
    We both try to make sure that after I get home from working 10-11hr shifts that I spend time actually playing with my daughter, rather than just looking at her or being around her. Which can definitely be harder than it sounds, but at least I know her development is being encouraged and she will know me as a fun and attentive parent.
    On the rare occassion I have some spare time around work, looking after bub and doing housework or other chores, there’s still exercise, reading and studying interests/skills to be done.

    I still love gaming. Hell, I read from the RSS of Kotaku on my phone everyday. But, to put it bluntly, I don’t see how I can justify plonking myself in front of a screen to play a game which teaches me little and usually isn’t actually incredibly fun (we all know how much grinding and cookie-cutter design is in gaming these days), when I could be helping my child learn, being attentive to my wife or trying to improve my body and mind. Fiction writing still exists, believe it or not, and can be moresatisfying than what passes for a “plot” in even most games lauded as “deep”.

    I guess I should put a flame-retardant suit on after that, but it’s the truth, so I figured I’d put it out there.

  • Parents:
    As a gaming parent, no doubt you (or others you know at least) may be curious about the R18 issue and controversial games.

    I run a haven for both gamers and parents of gamers:
    “R18 Games Australia” (All are welcome)

    Besides news, I also have videos on controversial games (Mass Effect, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Aliens VS Predator covered in detail so far, more as the page goes on) to see.

    The page is open and full of updated news (Kotaku among many other sources).
    Take a look, maybe stay?

    (You wouldn’t be the first gamer parent I’ve met. One of my best friends has THREE kids, and the whole family games.)

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