Gentlemen, Start Your Coffee Tables

Racing wheels open up a new level of play for driving games. They also take up space and many require tables to clamp onto. Shame there isn't a coffee table that can transform into a racing set-up.

Oh, but there is. After several prototypes, the RACE-STAR ConverTTable is finally going into production and priced at €4999 ($6700). Covered with "a robust plastic coating", it is available in two colour combos: black and red or white and wood.

(There is also a custom model that is available in any colour and can be made from wood varying from mahogany to cherry)

Six grand? You can buy a real car with six grand. Of course, it won't turn into a coffee table and you probably can't fit it in your living room.

[PRODUCTION MODEL [ConverTTable via via">Luxury Launches]


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