Get A Look At NBA Jam’s Pols In Hi-Def

Get A Look At NBA Jam’s Pols In Hi-Def

Election Day was yesterday in the US, but so what? None of these politicians in NBA Jam were candidates. When the game hits the Xbox 360 and PS3, it will have the same roster - and unlockables - as the Wii version.

That means President Obama and Vice President Biden, Sarah Palin, John McCain, Dubya and Cheney and the happy Clinton couple. This promo shows how all of them perform and the hilarious images used to build their facial expressions. If you want to know each player's ratings, check out this breakdown.

And if you're wondering how EA Sports is doing this without these public figures' express written consent, check here.

NBA Jam arrives on the Xbox 360 and PS3 on November 16.


  • Once again EA decide to sodomise our childhoods. The last basketball game I cared about was NBA Jam OG. My mate had JP version running thru converter on his SNES. MY brother and I kept it on for 3 days SOLID to finish an entire season without overwriting save file. I took 3 pointers, my brother picked up the scraps. Begrudgingly. The AC box was glowing by the end of it.

    But from NBA Elite bonus to FULLY PRICED release in its own right…? Nah, I woulda been prepared to spend maybe $40 as standalone DLC, but you Canuck bastards can GFY.

    • Agree that is sucks it went from a freebie with Elite to a full priced game, but ozgameshop are offering it for $42 – so still a pretty good deal I reckon.

      Still play NBA Hangtime on the N64 every now and then with friends, so if this game has half the longetivity of that, I’m sold!

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