Get A New Bird's Eye Look At Firefall

For a game that the developer will be handing out for free, Firefall looks impressively promising. The large scale team-based online shooter - don't call it an MMO - is certainly pretty from way up here.

It's also pretty handsome on the ground, where much of the shoot 'em up action will take place. Given the game's Tribes and World of Warcraft pedigrees, we're curious to see if developer Red 5 Studios can pull it all off. We'll find out when Firefall ships later next year.

For eyes-on impressions of the game, don't miss our PAX 2010 preview of Firefall.


    Gotta say its look like a hell of a fun game! Cant wait to actually get a bit of hands on time with it and see how it goes. Please just work with triple wide monitor gaming rigs /begs...


    Really starting to look forward to this. Looks like the dev's have the right idea.

    Looks amazing.

    The question for us Aussies is latency going to factor into the equation?


    Also worried about Latency for Aussies.

    Halo, Unreal Tourn' games, Borderlands, StarCraft 1&2 for Logo :p, StarGate ?

    This really is looking pretty damn awesome. Definitely one of the games I'm looking forward to.

    Oh my god this looks SO GOOD! Even if it isn't nearly as good as it looks, it's FREE! You just cannot lose!

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