Glitch Is An MMO That Doesn't Look Like Anything Else

Browser game Glitch is, first of all, maybe the first massively-multiplayer game to place inside the minds of supernatural creatures. It's also the next project from (some of) the people who brought you Flickr. Yes, Glitch is different.

The web-based multiplayer game is not about killing or farming, but growing, building and developing. You can build new skills, you can do favours, you can make smoothies, apparently. It all takes place in an ever-evolving persistent world that looks pretty cool. Glitch's official description labels the game "a collaborative simulation where the direction the world takes emerges out of the collective action of the players, rather than the top-down whim of a single person acting as god."

It's from Tiny Speck, the game studio founded by Stewart Butterfield, one of Flickr's original co-founders. You'd think they know something about social interaction on the web. They certainly know how to put together an unusual trailer.

Glitch is planned for launch early next year. Keep an eye on its progress at the game's official site.

Glitch [Official Site]


    Looks whack. Do want.

    Incidentally - I seem to be logged in as Joshua Cortese somehow.

    Wish I never logged in with my facebook ID - it's taken over.

      Who logged in as who in the what now?

    looks like it'll be bogged down with microtransactions

    It looks exactly like Free Realms to me.. will probably consist of lots of mini-games and be targeted to teenagers.

    What the f#@k just happened?

    "blinks uncontrollably"

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