GoldenEye 007 Then Vs. Now: How Far Bond Has Come

GoldenEye 007 for the Wii may feature a new James Bond and all-new graphics, but as this comparison video shows, Activision's remake of the 1997 Nintendo 64 game stays impressively true to its source material.

RewindReplay TV's side-by-side comparison clip of the new and old GoldenEye 007 games is also a great illustration of just how far we've come visually. We were clearly able to tolerate a much blockier Bond and meager framerates for the sake of good gameplay, but that's not necessarily an era I miss graphically.

GoldenEye Comparison [RewindReplay TV via Joystiq]


    I'll just stick to the Golden Eye mod on Source as least that has kept all the nostalgia, In this everything has been changed, the textures are still bad because its on Wii.

    Do not compare terrible Activision cash-in to the Glory Days Rareware shooter.

    That N64 player was awful to watch.

    I'm strange in that I don't want to watch this video cause I want to discover all the surprises and comparisons myself when I get to play this game at Christmas. :)

    Also I like the idea that this is a "re-imagining" of the original. I am a huge GoldenEye (also one of my favourite movies) and James Bond fan. What I like about this GoldenEye is that it will give me something new and fresh to play so I'll be surprised by the story and actions that take place as I continue through the game.

    This could be nostalgia talking but, NO COMPETITION, the original is waaaaaaaay better!

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