Gran Turismo's Pursuit Of Visual Perfection, One Game At A Time

Gran Turismo is video game's premiere iconic racing game series. Like Lara Croft, it has improved graphically. Take a look, at how good-looking it's become, game by game, for over a decade.

Gran Turismo (1998, PlayStation)

The game doesn't look bad until the 1:50 mark or so, when the cars start bouncing off each other and the backgrounds start looking like a cascade of mud.

Gran Turismo 2 (2000, PlayStation)

The sequel had an excellent intro movie. The cars looked smoother, the roads rougher, as they should be.

Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec (2001, PlayStation 2)

Yes, the PlayStation 2 made a difference. The US intro movie from GT3 A-Spec showed grand visual improvements.

Gran Turismo 4 (2005, PlayStation 2)

The gameplay footage from GT4's intro doesn't kick in until around 2:40 but when it does you can see that the backgrounds in this series are so much better in this game than they'd ever been.

Gran Turismo 5 (2010, PlayStation 3)

And this is how Gran Turismo looks in 2010. This is the intro to the brand-new GT5. Gameplay kicks in around the 3:40 mark, though to be honest - and to praise this game - it doesn't look much like a video game, now does it?


    I hadn''t heard that "My Chemical Roamnce" song in the last video before.

      Because they are all like "hurrr we arn't emo we are hipster now lol"

      Seriously a disgrace to music.
      Especially because all their new
      music sounds exactly like what
      evermore was doing 2 years

      But I guess they will be doing a lot of
      cocaine with the money the earn from
      retarded 12 years olds...They are the
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      And that folks is why they are better
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    It's cg evolution, hardly any gameplay. Epic fail.

    You know, maybe it's just because I haven't played a Gran Turismo game proper since the first one, but I am really, REALLY digging GT5.

    gt was an awesome step forward for its day....the jap version had a much cooler intro song, no idea why they changed it - it was epic


    such a random intro compared to the American version :P

    3 was the last one i really enjoyed...

    didn't get into 4 much... and 5 is just a HD version of 4 more or less...

    been playing it a bit and i'm struggling to like it... the faster cars do make it more entertaining... but i still prefer forza... especially for its more realistic customization/modding of cars... gt5 is just the same generic parts on all cars... realistic my arse... but anyway... i've always skipped a version of gt lol

    i went from 1 to 3 to 5 (i never owned 2 and barely played 4).. haha..

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