Great Shot Kid, That Was One In A Million

There are one-in-a-million kills, and then there are one-in-a-gazillion-million-billion kills. Or, in this case, suicides.

Reader Adam sends us this clip of a game of Halo: Reach, in which he fires off a shot that misses its target. He does, however, manage to hit first the ground and then a distant mountain, which results in his bullet finding its way back home.

If you think that's a freak occurrence in the video above, try watching it from the mountain's perspective.



    Bullets bounce off rocks in this game? =/

    I can imagine rubber bullets aren't particularly useful at long ranges... unless you're wearing a space suit? =/

      Well actually bullets do bounce off rocks.

      Here is a real-life version of the above. Only difference is the guy is alive at the end.

      Standard ye good olde physics Newton's Law of Motion at work - For every action there is a complete and opposite reaction.

      This is how ricochets happen in real life gun fights =P Though probably not as funny as the vids xD

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