Green, Orange DSi Consoles To Go On Sale This Week

Interest in the Nintendo DS is drying up as people await the arrival of the new 3DS. Which means Nintendo has to resort to an old trick to keep shifting units: release handhelds in new colours.

We've been passed this retail listing from Best Buy, showing some of the chain's Black Friday deals. Alongside a Gran Turismo 5/PS3 bundle (interesting!), there's word that two new DSi colours for the American market are to be released next week, those being "orange" and "green".

Green is probably the "lime green" console available in Japan and Europe, but the orange is interesting, as it appears to have previously limited to a DS Lite Naruto special edition that I had never even seen before until today, and that may well be bootleg.

We're checking with Nintendo for confirmation on these, and will update if we hear back.


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