Grenade To The Groin Makes This Call Of Duty Kill A Bit Different

At first this kill video from Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer seems unremarkable. But then they slow it down and zero in on a single grenade that lands in the most sensitive of places.

Best First Blood Impact Kill EVER! [YouTube]


    A classy laugh at the end for a classy shot indeed.

    Cue the "Ah, my groin!" soundclip.

      it's the scout from tf2 mate, just in case u didnt know. i used to play it everyday, good times...

    GODAMMIT! I did this on the FIRST DAY! And mine was the final kill!! So everyone saw it on Killcam.

    It's called NUT NADE and is on the Black Ops servers. Good luck finding it though, cos you can't search by video name (good one Treyarch!)

    I am not a COD player, so please excuse my ingnorance.
    I didnt know you could view an event from so many camera angles - Thats awesome.

    This made my day...

    i just love that it seemed that the hit to the nunts did more damage to him then the grenades explosion did...

    haha!!! I think the nade killed him when it hit his nuts.

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