GT5 And Forza 3 Race For The Checkered Flag

Forza 3 is a pretty game. Gran Turismo 5 is a pretty game, too. But in the world of virtual car pornography, which is prettier?

Here are two comparisons between Gran Turismo 5 and Forza 3. They take into account car modelling as well as light reflections. These aren't the first GT5 vs Forza 3 comparisons, and they won't be the last.

【GT5 vs Forza3】サルでも分かるグラフィック比較 [はちま起稿]


    Forza's strengths are in the physics and car handling (which are the most important bits), and that's what GT5 has to aim to beat.

    Graphically GT5 wins hands down, and you don't need a side by side comparison to see that.

      What physics and what handling. Forza 3 is terrible in these respects.

      I must have an absolute dud copy of Forza because even on pro settings there is ZERO car feedback. It's all super smooth - that's it.

    Considering Turn10 released TWO Forza titles in the time it took to develop GT5, you'd sure as hell expect GT5 to win...

    (Though from the discussion of people who already own the game, just don't try to compare "standard" cars, which are upscaled GT4 cars)


    Seriously. If GT5 is a better game, cool. All the power to it. But they took that damn long to make it the game has to be good. If they got it wrong after that long then one has to wonder what happened. If Forza is anything close to it, it should be commended, no? For doing something similar in less than half the time?

      So your saying you don't mind paying full price for the game with half the quality for half the production cycle?

      Wow talk about refusal to admit which is better.

        Well looking at how Killzone 2 turned out - well sometimes, actually mostly these days games that only have a 2 year development time actually turn our better than most. I mean KZ2 smashed it with the graphics but everything else, ouch!
        Uncharted 2 was only in dev for 2 years if that - GOTY.

        I mentioned 2 PS3 Exclusive titles because you wouldn't have commented if it wasn't about a PS3 game. A PS3 game that yes will look better than Forza because of the budget and the time frames - a game that MAY be greater than Forza games but took so long in order to accomplish that when Forza accomplished 2 very well critically acclaimed and commercially successful games in the same time period.

        Mass Effect 2 which you are even lucky to be receiving on your PS3 next year only had a 2 year time frame and is tipped as Game of the Year.

        So i don't quite see your point here?

        I'm not saying GT5 is bad, I'm yet to try it so really I can't comment. If I had money to go out and get any racing game now I would more than likely get GT5, it looks amazing.

        But say I was in this situation in 2007. Or 2008. Or 2009. Or up to October 2010. I'd definitely take Forza 2 or 3 over that quarter of a real game Prologue. As Pakka said Turn 10 has pumped out two amazing games in a space of time where Polyphony has given us a demo.

        My point was not that GT5 was bad, but that if it was in any way inferior to any other racing game, it's a joke.

    I loved Forza 2 and 3 I thought nothing could beat it....but after playing GT5 with the logitech G25 pro wheel I realised just how amazing GT5 is, I only picked my copy up yesterday but it seems that GT5 is going to be even greater than that of Forza 2,3.

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