GT5 Install: Hope You Have 10GB And An Hour To Spare

It's an optional install - you may still play Gran Turismo 5 with a 256MB basic installation if you don't have much space. Whole hog, you're going to need upwards of 10GB - and 50 minutes - free.

Amar212, a GT5 power user well known on about three forums, got his hands on the game (PAL version) and says its installation screen offers the warning that "install of game data can take up to 50 minutes". He says it took 40 minutes for him and 6.4GB at first, but since learned that Grand Turismo 5 will continue to unpack itself during playtime with the game. So keep that 10 gigs free if you're butting up against your drive's capacity.

It's an optional installation, but if you don't use it, you may expect longer loading screens. So you can do your waiting up front, or on the instalment plan. Which, like the real world, you'll end up spending more, in this case time.

Many other details about the game at the link.

Gran Turismo 5: All We Know So Far [TheSixthAxis via Operation Sports]


    All I can say is... LOL. I guess that's what happens when you cram 1000 copy-and-pasted cars from GT4 onto a disc.

      "cram 1000 copy-and-pasted cars from GT4 "

      Realising that people out there think like you do scares me.

        People who aren't wowed by silly over-inflated numbers covering up they've spent 6 years making GT4 HD?

        Well at least there is evidence of thinking in what the OP said, you, on the other hand seem incapable of allowing others to have an opinion counter to your fanboi one.

        It scares me that there are so many sheep that think like you out there.

          Even if they HAD spent 6 years making GT4 HD, I would still be impressed!

          Haha unfortunately I'm both a GT fanboi and work for a 3D dev so you've got me right where it hurts! There is so much time, money and skills involved with creating these game assets, its crushing to know that people think we can just copy and paste from one game to the next! Perhaps I'm not really scared, that wasn't the right word, maybe disheartened!

          Also, to nitpick, I don't suspect 800 or so cars at the 'standard' res would really require cramming onto a bluray disc - they would be a pretty small component overall ;)

          Would it be possible to keep our lets-face-it lame comment based argument going til Thursday? That'd pass the time nicely :D lol

            I'm not sure GT5 will have enough substance for us to fight over for that long!

              I'm guessing you guys are Forza fans? Yeah, I'd be upset at GT's level of content too.

                Forza is XBox isn't it?

                I've only ever been a GT fan, bought a PS1, PS2, and finally a PS3 a year ago on the expectation that I would have been playing GT5 for quite some time by now ... generally just pessimistic that this game will actually eventuate and at the point that I will believe it when it;s fat 6.4 gigabyte arse hits my hard drive.

    Hmmmmmmm, I hope I have enough room in my 640GB HDD. At least it's optional.

    I just installed a 500GB HDD, so I'm good.

    I was expecting something along these lines.

    I got plenty of space and the odd hour out of my day doesn't matter.

    I just want the damn game already!!!

    I hope this is true - to sum up will install new areas etc as being played.

    Anyway, will need 45 or so min to calm down after 5 years of waiting anyway

    Good thing I have an 80gb then.....

    Would you expect anything less?

    Set up install -> Make dinner, eat dinner -> Go back to play GT5. I know what I'm doing next week.

      Or read the apex magazine while you wait

    *Shrug* It's a one time only thing and only benefit's the player, not big deal. I've been installing software for years I fail to see why I would care about this.

    No matter, I have a 500GB HDD.

    Lots of space here ^_^

    Meh no biggie. I'll start it installing, watch a show then come back to it. I'm from the C64 tapedeck days so those loadtimes aren't new to me :)

      Lol me too. The difference being that sometimes you'd wait half an hour for a game to load and then it would fail with seconds to go. Then c64 disk turbo loaders came along & took all the pain away.

        ha C64 they were the days, could you imagine loading GT5 on a C64? 6 years delay would seem a breeze, load times would be into the decades

    In Gran Turismo 5 speak, that 50 min actually means 4 years.

    Space is already cleared and ready :) We've been waiting 6 years for this. Another 50 minutes won't matter.


    Vaporware becomes Bloatware.

    I have a feeling this is going to be a huge let down.

      Congratulations Chops, You just won the most idiotic comment of the week award.

        No, I have to agree.
        Ive found all the previous GT games rather bland and stale.

        Yep, he's the idiot when you attack someone for expressing their opinion

        Don't worry, there's always youtube to out-do anything posted here

        How so? tiny ass-ass-in

          haha I'm just curious how GT5 is 'vaporware' since its out in 3 days :D

          As for bloatware...what? More features, yes please.

          And I'll be the first to admit I'm a diehard GT fanboi, I'll take stylish 'blandness' any day over crazy menus swooshing at me telling me to trick out my sick ride. - which most other car games seem to have sunk to.

            Vaporware = I'll believe it exists when I actually see a copy, until then it's X-Files status - Yes, I Want To Believe, but refuse to given the false starts to date.

            Bloatware = the 6 gig download can only be described as the bloating result of a VERY lazy solution to the Jailbreak hack. There is something VERY wrong when a new title needs to vomit 6.4 gig of data all over the purchasers hard drive - GT5 suffers from bulimarexia I suspect.

      I'm with ya Chops! - Who can say FANBOI's??
      (Says he who actually likes iphones and cant wait for Duke Nukem....I guess I can't talk either...*hangs head in shame*)

    At this point, I'd be more than happy if it took 500GB and took 3 weeks to install. Hell, I'd be happy if the only thing my ps3 does is run GT5, that's pretty much all it will be doing for the next few years anyway :D

    The amount of time waiting for GT5 makes an Hour look like nothing, worth it.

    Remember when there was a difference between PC games and console games? Good times.

      here here. patches, glitches, unfinished games. I might aswell go back to PC gaming.

    Well, while it may take up to 50 minutes to perform the full 10GB installation, according to a few other news articles claiming Sony as their source the install is done while you are playing the game. There shouldn't be any major wait between un-boxing the game and planting yourself in front of the TV for the hottest High Definition racing simulator ever made. PS3 Owners.... Start Your Engines! :D

    its just a same polyphony digital took so long to release the game... most of us have moved onto PC gaming where the processor and graphics cards aren't stuck in a 5yr old console... Bad form sony, will only play if a PC version is released (which it won't)

    and then it asks for an update, then it crashes, then it YLOD....and you'd need to be really unlucky for that to happen :P

    Reminds me when i installed bioshock last year, i was really excited, then got bored waiting for the install

    I fear for anyone rocking an unaltered 40GB model. Any word on the difference between load times with the 256MB and 10GB install?

      What about the launch era barebones 20gb model?

    Sorry, dont know how to send a tip in but Games For Windows website is selling AoE 3 Complete Edition for 10 cents...

    50 minutes and 10GB are worth it.

    just to play this godddamn game

    I performed a backup of the PS3 HDD over the weekend. It took about 5-6 hours. No big deal as I had AC: Brotherhood on the 360 to keep me occupied... and by that I naturally really mean I spent that time doing my weekend cleaning!!

    might be time to change hdd's... my main console (i have 2) is a 60gb launch console... lol

    i could swap for my 120gb slim but i have my reasons not to

    ah well

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