Hack Transforms Kinect Into 3D Capture Tool

While we sit here waiting for our Kinects to arrive at Kotaku HQ (stupid rain slowing down the couriers) we came across this video, showing how the device can be transformed into a 3D video capture tool.

It may look a bit dodgy (or like the video from Aha's 'Take On Me', as the Engadget piece aptly points out) but it's a great example of some of the cool techy things that Kinect is capable of.

Check it out below.

Hack Turns Kinect Into 3D Video Capture Tool [Engadget]


    Very nifty. I can see Kinect spawning a new generation of amateur 3d animators. This can only be a good thing.

    I wonder if you got a couple more cameras if you could get a more rounded and complete 3D image. Reminds me a lot of the video hologram technology in Minority Report, looks like the Kinect might actually make that movie's effects come to life.

    freaking awesome. The technology of Kinect fascinates me.

    Holy shit!

    reminds me of the home videos in minority report

    at first i was like, how is this a 3d image?
    then he shifted the view...

    seriously, hackers are awesome :D

    Almost makes me want to buy a Kinect just for the novelty of this - I'll be interested to see what else they can do in the next 2-3 months.

    You know. . . Im pretty sure MS are happy to let people to hack away at Kinect.
    And Im pretty sure they will buy up any new discoveries.

    Didnt Sony release some motion control thing not long ago?

    But isn't all this tech unbearably old? The voice recognition, the depth images. Why the outcry?

      No? This is the first time the technology has been bundled into a compact mass-market device. The combination of regular camera, depth camera, voice recognition, player recognition etc... that has never been done before. It's lightyears ahead of things like the EyeToy.

    Wow, that's amazing! I can see people networking a few of these to flesh out the 3d image. Can't wait to see what homebrewers do with this.

    With a bit of fiddling it looks possible to retain the background info, so that an object could be turned and the dull 3D image "built up". Hope someone else gets to it before I am forced to give it a try....

    1) Very cool
    2) Love to see all the hackers go to town on this
    3) Waiting for 2 Kinects hacked together - put in a calibration cube and give us a full body scanner
    4) Worried about what the porn industry will do with it. ;)
    5) Need to swap in high res cameras
    6) Waiting for a mask with all the sensors
    7) Hackers rule!

    When it gets better I'll consider buying a Kinect then...

    He's also working on augmented reality stuff with it


    Looks like the kind of technology Japan want to be using to beam 2022 World Cup games around the world onto virtual pitches. Increase the resolution of the cameras, have multiple cameras around the ground, and it will be awesome.

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