Hacked Kinect Brings Us One Step Closer To Minority Report

Now that Kinect has been cracked open so that anyone with a PC (or Mac) can mess around with its code, people are free to improve on Microsoft's own code. Like this guy, who has "multitouch" working on the camera.

In this demonstration video, we can see how user floemuc has been able to get the camera to recognise both his hands as input devices, which means he can then swipe pictures around just like Tom Cruise is able to in Minority Report.

The pictures aren't as sexy, nor are there any red balls or jetpack chases, and in many points it's even incredibly glitchy, but remember: baby steps, people. Baby steps. We have to start with a gallery of cherry blossom pictures before we can move on to solving pre-crime.


    what makes you think you are free to improve on Microsofts code. If anything useful is made through these hacks MS will sue your ass.

    Smart company - Finds this guy and gives him a job.
    Dumb company - Finds this guy and sues him for hacking and modifying their product.

      Hmm...Microsoft; smart company? dumb company? -I'll let you figure this one out.

        Microsoft... the company that hired Johnny Lee from youtube because of his work adapting Wii's?

    Like or hate the Kinect, it will drive the technology forward.
    As in this example, touch screen devices and tablets were around long before Apple popularized them.
    The iPad is a giant gimped iphone, I wont be buying one.
    But the Notion Ink Adam on the other hand I am very interested in.
    Similar technology but better implementation, more functionality.
    So you might not like the initial application or the company providing it but sooner or later its everywhere.. bring on the future!

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