Half-Life Fan Movie: Pretty Kids, Explosions Aplenty

Here's a new trailer for Beyond Black Mesa, a fan-made Half-Life movie that makes up in enthusiasm and polish what it lacks in subtlety and Gordon Freeman.

There's a little too much kung fu and pretty young people running around for it to feel truly authentic. Half-Life 2's world is a bleak, decaying one, after all. It certainly doesn't capture the "feel" of the Half-Life 2 universe like similar project "Escape From City 17" did.

However, for a small group of friends, $US1200 and two years' work, it's impressive stuff. Beyond Black Mesa is a short film that's been doing the movie festival rounds this year. There's no word on a more general release, but since the thing's done, it hopefully won't be too far off.

[Beyond Black Mesa]


    What no headcrabs on those zombies? If those growling people were the zombies..

    Props for doing something like this, good job

    Dude.. that is awesome cant wait!

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