Halo: Reach Could Have Had A Lot More Spaceships Blowin’ Each Other Up

Halo: Reach Could Have Had A Lot More Spaceships Blowin’ Each Other Up

One of the best parts about Halo: Reach was that, for the game’s all-important change of pace, the developers swapped out the awful Flood and replaced them with an enjoyable space battle sequence.

So it’s a shame to hear that there was an original – if half-baked – plan to have a lot more space combat in Bungie’s final Halo game,. in the form of multiplayer ship-to-ship combat.

“We joked about it from time to time and even had a rough version of it working very early on in development,” Bungie’s Marcus Lehto tells Game Informer.

“But the mechanics of it were pretty silly and we very quickly realised that the resulting gameplay experience wouldn’t hit the bar we were aiming for, nor justify the amount of work required”.

Add in the fact the developers had to spend their time getting the proper parts of the game ready and there just wasn’t room (or time) to go throwing a space combat mode into the game’s multiplayer.

Pity! I’m one of three people to have ever played and enjoyed Project Sylpheed​ on the 360, and felt that Reach’s own space shooting sections were just as good. Having the fighters available on those big space station maps, with turrets and hangars for troops to fight over…it’d be like Battlefield set in the Halo universe, which on paper sounds pretty good to me.

[Game Informer, via CVG]


  • Add me to that group who played and enjoyed Project Sylpheed! It was an alright little game, the deal was so sweet because I was able to pick it up at a tiny cost.

    Anyway I agree that this would’ve been a great multiplayer mode! Fight out in space or in the corridors of cruisers. Hell, noting the fact Spartan suits are capable of operating in the vacuum of space there would’ve even been opportunity for players to do crazy ship-to-ship leaps 😛

    • I think it was one of the best! A little more depth would have been nice, and it certainly didn’t need to go on much longer, but it was awesome. Multiplayer version would have been appreciated!

    • The third section of that level was very close to some of the best action on Legendary.

      Very much a reworking of similar level from Halo CE. Loved that part.

      The space battle not so much, it was just too damned easy even on legendary.

  • That mission was freaking awesome (for the full meaning of the word awe inspiring) i wished they mad a multiplayer version.

  • I loved that part of reach,

    sorry but if reach really wanted to impress me with space battles it would have had me coming out of slip-space into a mega battle with shit going everywhere, cruisers, carriers, frigates and fighters everywhere and ships getting blown apart and trying to dodge derby at the same time

    Kinda like the book when the fleet jumped in and started getting itself handed too with the ground mac cannons tearing holes threw the carriers, and a super sniper carrier picking off ships outside the cannons kill zone

    am I the only one that was LUSTING for Halo Reach to do what happened in the friggin book -.-

  • Since Halo IS a game universe about fighting aliens from other planets, creating a new game solely based on fighting from spaceships seems like a pretty cool and reasonable direction to head into.

  • Damned – favourite level of the game flying around in space. Pew pew!

    I can see how it would’ve required a lot of effort to get the multiplayer mechanics done right for that but hey, it’d still be awesome if done in Big Team Battle mode, everyone would have to rush for which ships they wanted. Sux whoever got the Banshee in that game…

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