Halo Wars Goes Dark On Dec. 15

Barely two years after its release, Microsoft is pulling the plug on Halo Wars on Dec. 15, axing leaderboards and stat-tracking as well as the forums. Fans of the real-time strategy game are not pleased.

The community was informed of this on Tuesday. They were told they'd be "transitioning ... to Halo Waypoint's forums," which is a nice way of saying goodbye to the halowars.com website and to the community, because they won't be in any officially dedicated area over on Waypoint.

More importantly, "the forums will disappear and so will online stat-tracking," the mod writes, a full 300 words into the announcement. Talk about burying the lede. "I know this will be rough on a lot of you," he says.

No kidding. Here are some comments.

Game is dead. Fuck you.


They are cheap bastards! I'm buying this domain when they let it go lol

Possibly the most close-knit video game forum community is going to be tossed with a bunch of Reach junkies.

"This is undoubtedly part of Microsoft's efforts to wind down the Halo Wars community by making competitive ranked game play impossible and providing no way for people to view game statistics," writes Remember Ensemble Studios, a repository of materials from the game's developer (now defunct).

It goes on to note that Halo Wars earned a Metacritic score of 82 (GameRankings: 81.92) when it released in February 2009, and its one million units sold globally in the first month of release helped make it "the best-selling console real-time strategy game to date." Granted, but that's a tiny category, and a genre that does demonstrably better on the PC.

Back at HaloWars.com, gamers were told they will get a fifth title update but "unfortunately, it won't include many of the fixes that we all wanted it to include." Sounds like that one is last call. But they will get an "exclusive forum avatar," at Halo Waypoint, so there's that.

But on Dec. 15, this thing is all over. "Enjoy the time you have here on HaloWars.com and print-screen or copy-paste any of your favourite old posts and/or game history data, since that will all be taken offline on December 15th. We won't be carrying over accounts, posts, or anything else between the two forums."

Halo Waypoint Transition [HaloWars.com]


    Well that sucks. Like half of the game's achievements are tied to multiplayer... which also screws up Halo Waypoint. fffff

    there where actully fans of halo wars? O.o

    So... is Halo Wars 2 being announced at the VGA's on the 11th then?

    Pretty sad, but there has to be something more to it than cost-cutting, right?

    They should really just remake or port this to PC in my opinion. Hell... it may be the killer app Windows Live Games store needs... Yeah, I was half joking.

    I was thinking of buying this as it's the only Halo game i've not played... not anymore.

    What utter bullshit.

      I love Halo Wars - but I doubt that there were many people playing it online.

      For those who are thinking of buying it, I'd get it if you can get it cheap (I've seen it around for $25 or so) as the single player game is a lot of fun and I'd say it is definately worthwhile.

        Hopefully I can get it really cheap after this announcment

    I picked it up a few weeks back and have been having an absolute hoot with it. I avoided it for a long time after seeing how many preowned copies were showing up at all my regular game stores. It's actually a lot of fun.

    Haven't really had a chance to explore the online multiplayer - I still feel a little robbed. How hard would it be for MS to keep it going? I was looking forward to giving it a go further down the track. Guess I won't be anymore.

    FPS and RTS players are completely different demographics. I think bundling them up with the Reach boys is like releasing zoo animals back to captivity.

    That said, I also had no idea there were people who played this online competitively. The gameplay and mechanics are so thin there is almost no room for versatility. Linear tech trees, no micro, pre-plotted base locations. Yeah. Great RTS right there.

    WoW that's stingy as all hell MS

    your a console all your stuff should stay until the next console arrive's it's not like your shutting it down becuase your up to halo wars 3 and kinda wanna shuffle everyone into the same game(which is the only reason i view EA shutting down older version's of sports games as not being asshole's

    Why? ;_;

    Whats the bet they will announce Halo Wars 2 and 'force' everyone to move to that.

    So hang on - did they shut down online multiplayer or just the leaderboards - if it's the whole online multiplayer then that's incredibly stupid coming from the company that supposedly prides itself on the best online service.

    @ Kotaku - I'd love to read an article one day on what happens when a game's multiplayer service shuts down.

    I was considering getting Halo Wars for $17 at Kmart this week too :\

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