Harry Potter's 8-Bit YouTube Shenanigans

I watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and, as a fan who has read all the books, I thought it was a bit sucky. This is way better - Harry Potter and the Summer School Spectre, a story told though the awesome medium of a made-up 8-Bit video game.

Harry Potter and the 8-Bit YouTube Game [Mashable]


    The irony is Harry is always wanting *not* to return to the Dursley's on summer holidays.

    I haven't watched a Harry Potter movie, or read any of the book.. But that, my friends, was awesome!

    A few things i have learned..

    1. Kids! Don't do potion!
    2. Don't rely on hermoinedehj... however you spell her name.. She is a clumsy idiot.
    3. Ron is just an Idot
    4. Harry is a little Bitch
    5. Don't mess with a spectre.. he'll sharpen yuor freakin' head, man!
    6. I don't knwo what the hell a G.E.D is!
    7. So i Wiki'd it, and now i know..

    That was awesome, but if you get me fired one of these days, Mr. Serrels, i'll be expecting a placement at Alure awaiting me... LOL

    I should really get some morning stuff done now... *ahem*

    That. Was. Awesome.

    Just to nitpick - Dumbledore refers to Voldemort as either "Voldemort" or "Tom", not "he who must not be named". And butterbeer is one word.

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