Help! I Swallowed My World Of Warcraft Authenticator!

Remember: If you ever ingest the Authenticator you use to protect the integrity of your World of Warcraft account, the first thing you should do is seek medical attention on the official World of Warcraft forums. Just like this WoW player did...

Yesterday, World of Warcraft player Preliatus took to the game's official forums with the following tale of digestive woe.

"I was sitting in my chair and biting into my authenticator while thinking about several RP related story arcs that I have planned," wrote Preliatus "I swivvel [sic]around in my chair and presume to fall off it and shoot the authenticator into my mouth and down my throat."

"I have drank some of that stuff that makes you vomit, but I'm apparently resistant to a whole bottle of it. I am curious on what I should do."

Fortunately, fellow WoW fans came to the rescue dispensing the sage advice that Preliatus really should go to a doctor, especially after having downed a full bottle of ipecac syrup.

"Go to the hospital," wrote a wise Gwydíon. "The components inside the box are most likely not good for you. I have no idea what or how much of any of them might be poisonous, but it's better not taking any chances."

Blizzard moderators chimed in with some of the most helpful advice - details on how to contact billing and account services to deactivate the partially digested device: "[I] f the authenticator is ruined or otherwise broken, then you can contact Billing & Account Services to verify your identity and account and have it removed." The Blizzard rep first suggested seeking proper medical attention, of course.

Finally, one more tip for those who mouth their Authenticators. How about putting food there instead?

"I would recommend chewing gum over authenticators," suggested Pryce. "If your feeling like something more like food[,]apples work well also."

Really great points all around. See the medical drama play out for yourself at the now locked topic on the official WoW board.

Help. I swallowed my authenticator. [World of Warcraft Forums via Reddit]


    I lol'd and lol'd. This is hysterically funny.

    *smacks forehead*

      Careful with that, you may just swallow your own Authenticator when you *smacks forehead*

    This has to be one of the funniest things i've read this week.

    i personally find this story a little hard to swallow...


      I have to disagree. I found this story quite easy to sink my teeth into.

        Give me a moment to digest your comment..

          If you need, I could just feed you the main points.

            yeah, i'm sorry, but no matter how i look at it, i just can't seem to stomach your viewpoint on this...

              You're one to talk.
              You've just been regurgitating the same argument over and over.

                Typical you'd say that - but then again, people do tend to see my way of thinking as an acquired taste

                  That's it. No more puns. Chewing through all of these is giving me a gutsache.

                  Not one comment about Chewbacca? For shame! You guys bite at this!

    “If your feeling like something more like food[,] apples work well also.”

    So you bothered to edit a comma in there but missed that the incorrect "Your/You're" was used!! >_< lol

    May I suggest those people that chew their authenticators visit ?

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