Here's What The Hell The Canadian Military Wanted With $25K In Video Games

Previously on Weird News from Canada: A garrison outside of Montreal opened a requisition for $US25,000 worth of video games, an order a headquarters spokeswoman called "strange." Turns out they're gifts for soldiers stationed in Afghanistan. Whoops.

Canada's defence (sigh, Defence) Ministry followed up with the Canadian Press, which first reported the story, to verify that the 500 video games (including 93 copies of Gears of War) were all morale boosters for soldiers stationed at Canada's two Afghanistan bases for the holidays. Some 500 troops are there, so it works out to nearly a copy for every one.

"It helps in keeping good morale ... to bring some relief to people working long hours," Cmdr. Hubert Genest told the CP.


"So how'd you swing that video game boondoggle, Danny?"

"They're gifts for active duty troops away from their families."

"Don't I feel like the fucking asshole."

"Not at all, sir."

Video Games Headed To Soldiers In Afghanistan [The Canadian Press, thanks Billy S.]


    No Medal of Honor? Don't these people have any sense of irony?!

    Still, I guess they're trying to BOOST morale, not destroy it. Maybe the Taliban will send them a few copies of MoH.

      +1 lol'd.

      They've got a sense of humour at least. I mean, Gears of War? Come on.

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