Hey, Korea, Why You So Down On Starcraft II?

Starcraft in Korea falls somewhere between a national sport and a religion. So you'd think, then, that Starcraft II would have been a big hit there. Nope!

A great report over on Edge highlights a bitter struggle between Starcraft developers Blizzard and Korean e-sports authorities, which has left many in Korea - which should be the games' top market - feeling disillusioned and disinterested by the game's big-budget sequel.

It's got little to do with the game itself. Rather, it has more to do with Blizzard's almost fanatical insistence of maintaining control over it - from the removal of LAN party functionality to the "quarantine" of online players within their own geographical area to a feud between the developers and KeSPA (the Korean e-Sports Players Association).

"Our position is that we created the competitions. Korea is the home of StarCraft – it's very big here" a KeSPA spokesman tells Edge. "There are still lots of people playing an old game, but now I think Blizzard wants it to be here without KeSPA."

"Blizzard wants Battle.net to be used in competitions, not LAN. And they want more money."

And it's not just Korean e-sports authorities failing to warm to the game, Edge's report saying that in the month after Starcraft II was released, only 2-3 per cent of Koreans playing in internet cafes were playing it.

For the full, fascinating story - including how things might finally be looking up for the game in Korea - head to the link below.

The Battle For StarCraft II [Edge]


    Not surprising really, nobody was happy when blizzard announced that they where removing LAN from the game.

    And everyone one knows that forced matchmaking services like battle net and infinity ward net pretty much kill any potential a game might have had for pro level competitive play.

    To me this just gives further evidence to my belief that Korean interests are trying to strong arm Blizzard. Does anyone else remember the story of Korean interests trying to change the games content or something right near release?

      You mean the one where the international gaming community was pissed off about Blizzard removing LAN and therefore destroying any potential the game might have had for competitive play and ruining the game for millions of loyal fans? Yeah I remember that.

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