Hey, Make Another Elder Scrolls Game, Dammit!

British rapper Dan Bull, who we've heard from before, returns with an elegantly worded plea to Bethesda that amounts to: Fallout is nice, but a new Elder Scrolls game would be better.

The man pretty much nails it: while Fallout - the more recent of the two role-playing games - was mechanically superior to Oblivion, the last game in the Elder Scrolls series of role-playing games, its desolate post-apocalyptic world just wasn't much fun. Oblivion's Cyrodiil, on the other hand... well, the game out in 2006 and I still make the time once or twice a year to go smell the fresh air, hunt some deer or clear out a dungeon or two.


    You know what? That was really creative!

    I love it! This guy is now a legend IMHO.

    That's amazing.

    Bethesda should be rightly proud to have such passionate fans...now listen them!

    They're working on something at the moment and they've said the turn-around between when its announced and when its released will be tiny.

    It better be Elder Scrolls

    Exactly! Elder Scrolls V NOW! I still prefer Oblivion over Fallout 3 because while F3 had 'better' gameplay (sort of), I was completely absorbed into Oblivion's world in contrast to the bland, repetitive, desolated world of F3 which, while I do enjoy, I did not feel immersed in or had the endurance to play for no longer than 4~5 hours at once (while in Oblivion I can play for a day). i.e. Fallout 3 is good but Oblivion is the best. So yes, more Elder Scrolls please!

    Hell yeah! Oblivion was such a good game that that I rank it among my very favourite titles of all time... And RPGs in general are NOT my favourite games... Brilliant! More please :)

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