Hollywood, Not Playing Video Games Is So 'Disrespectful'

When filmmaker Mike Newell was promoting the Prince of Persia flick, he readily admitted that he didn't play the game. No wonder, says Resident Evil: Afterlife director Paul W.S. Anderson, the movie didn't live up to expectations.

"And for me, that's like adapting a book without reading the book or adapting a stage play and never seeing the stage play," Anderson tells website Crispy Gamer. "I think it's disrespectful to the medium, and it's disrespectful to the original source material, and ultimately, it doesn't make the best movie."

Hollywood doesn't read books, either. And it skims comics. So good luck with that "play video games" bit.

And Prince of Persia did alright! It's the biggest gaming movie of all time. So that's something.

Resident Evil: Afterlife is the fourth RE film Anderson worked on. The director previously was involved in the Mortal Kombat flick as well as the rotten DOA: Dead or Alive movie. Anderson's played all those games, but not all of them are the best movies. So go figure.

Resident Evil: Afterlife Director Paul W.S. Anderson Is Hooked on 3D [Crispy Gamer via GoNintendo]Pic via Blu-ray.com]


    Paul W. S. Anderson chastising directors of movies based on games for not being respectful to the original source material? I think my brain just broke.

    Coming from a director who hasn't made a single decent film to date...
    Maybe video-game playing directors are the last thing video-game adaptations need.

      I believe he made Event Horizon which is easily one of the better movies of the horror genre, and better then most movies of other genres.

      Regardless, the real problem with movies adapted from video games is that most video games, no matter how good their story, aren't filled out enough and written properly for the medium of film. There's a great deal of work to be done to transfer a games story to film and by trying to keep the fans happy while appealing to a wider audience, film makers tend to fall flat on their faces.

      Death Race was pretty good! :P

    Piss off, Anderson. You don't get to take the high ground here. Hell, the only person less qualified than you to have a go about other directors not being faithful is Uwe Boll.

    The Prince of Persia movie was THAT bad, heck of a lot better than most other video game flicks out there.

    I daresay any director not playing the game will pump out a better game than Paul Anderson (bad one). I think players care more about an actually decent movie than gamer credentials of the director.

    I disagree, I think his films are decent quality compared to the likes of Doom, Street Fighter, Far Cry and Alone in the Dark.

      That's like saying an enema with boiling water is a little better than an enema with sulfuric acid.

    Then again, didn't the PoP movie "did alright" because it had a bigger production budget? I mean, Jake Gyllenhal, Mike Newell, Jerry Bruckheimer --- these are big names in Hollywood. Much bigger than Paul W.S. Anderson.

    Sure, Anderson shouldn't be the one talking smack, but he's got a point when it comes to adaptation.

    I agree with the directors comments. If you are going to make a movie based on a game. Play the game dammit! Maybe he is not the most creditable to make those comments, but it doesn't mean they don't ring truth. Evey single movie based on a book at least 50% of the entire cast and crew have read it, period.

    Paul W.S Anderson? Shut T.F Up.

    Yeah, it's a bit hypocritical for Anderson to say that "not playing the game" is being disrespectful - I would consider making a bad film to be even more disrespectful. And Anderson doesn't make good films. Passable, maybe at best, but not good. I think his best film was Even Horizon, which was okay, I guess, but I wouldn't have paid money to see it (I saw it on cable).

    Games cannot be directly translated to film. Watching someone play a game is pretty boring for most people, after all. Watching a film is PASSIVE, not INTERACTIVE, so the content and the subject matter and the narrative and the story need to be adapted to film, often significantly. Playing the game doesn't help you do that, and in fact, might hinder it. A director should be very familiar with the story and the history of the franchise to make a great film from a game, but playing it isn't necessary.

    Mortal Kombat was the best video game movie to date. It was nothing but gameplay. Fights, fatalities and nearly no story. Just like the game.

    The best video game adaptation remains DOA, you just need to watch it as a comedy and its brilliant. Bikini volleyball games interrupted by shuriken? Girl from Neighbours beating up cops with a towel? Eric Roberts with sunglasses that give him awesome kung fu powers!?!?!

    He he hee. Awesome.

    As for Paul Anderson films, they're nine kinds of retarded but, I will admit, none of them were nearly as boring as Prince of Persia, a painfully dull 'adventure' film. Imagine Pirates of the Carribean without Johnny Depp or Geoffery Rush.

    Even though he's eyet to make a good video game movie, this guy *does* have a point. Imagine if Francis Ford Coppola made the Godfather without reading the book!

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