Hot Pursuit Reboots Need For Speed's Home Turf

So, here's Seacrest County in Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit. It's got every challenge a street racer could want, but man, this place feels familiar.

Tri-City in Undercover or Rockport in Most Wanted didn't feature night driving nor snow-capped mountains, but the rest of this - the freeways, coast and back roads - have struck me as a dead match for the franchise's old stomping grounds. I'm not necessarily saying that's a bad thing. It's a racer, some environmental continuity can be a gamer assist. I just keep wondering why they change the name when the scenery largely stays the same.

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit is out Nov. 16; the demo is available until Tuesday.


    With the advent of adrenaline-packed racing games like Split/Second, I can't help but feel that Need for Speed left its place in the sun years ago.

    Speaking of Split/Second, the box art for this game is virtually identical...

      There's plenty of room for both. I've got Split Second and love it. I've been playing the NFS:HP demo for a few nights now and love that too. Will be buying it day 1 for sure.

      It's a question of whether you want to engage in high-speed police chases, or set off enormous explosions. Personally, I enjoy doing both of those things, so I'll make space on my shelf for both games :)

        I'm not saying there isn't a place for it in the market, just not on my shelf. As someone who isn't a big race game consumer any more, I surveyed the options and went with Split/Second because it stood out.

        Need for Speed just doesn't seem to have that edge any longer. It's probably a victim of its own success, having epitomised the arcade racing genre for much of the nineties. The things it introduced have become the standard now.

        The franchise will always have a nostalgic place in my heart though. Who could forget using the cheat codes to race with a friend as prime movers in Need for Speed II? Classic stuff.

    The stupid problem with the demo is that you only get 1 race in it (a police chase), and to unlock a 2nd race (a street race), you HAVE to have someone else on your friends list to have played the demo as well to unlock it. Absolutely absurd.

      From a marketing perspective, it makes sense. It forces anyone who wants to make full use of the demo to do a little word of mouth advertising for the game to their friends.

      what better way to get more people to play the demo,could add 50% to their market audience

    Changing the name it's a marketing strategy and seems that is working.

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