How A Game Controller Can Change The Way You Work

We've seen Kinect do some pretty interesting things these past few weeks, but ironically, the most exciting thing we've seen so far is simply using the camera to control Microsoft's Windows 7.

Here you can see Wolfgang Herfurtner, boss of "multitouch and gesture computing" company Evoluce, use several Windows 7 programs using nothing but his hands. In some, there's even room for two people to stand in front of a screen and each manipulate an object.

Put Windows up on a big screen and get a Kinect at the front of a room and, thanks to the potential for true collaboration (instead of having to wait to share a mouse/pointer/board), the entire dynamic of office workspaces could be changed forever.

That and, you know. The Windows 8 version of Minesweeper could be amazing. Not to mention a game like SimCity, going by the first lot of footage in the clip below. and Pictionary! Oh, the possibilities for Pictionary...

First Pictures of Gesture Control of Windows 7 with Depth Sensing Device [Evoluce]


    This stuff has happened even faster than I thought it would. :) Go go open source community, demonstrate to MS what they should be doing with their hardware!!

    Honestly, I hope someone gets a job or contract with MS to continue this stuff.

      I think MS are happy to let people hack and tinker away at Kinect.
      MS know the potential and theyre letting developers discover various uses.
      Then MS will buy up the good ones.

        I think you're incorrect.

        ”Microsoft will continue to make advances in these types of safeguards and work closely with law enforcement and product safety groups to keep Kinect tamper-resistant.”

        That doesn't sound like they were keen. They would have released an official $oftwareDevKit.NET for it if they wanted things like this to happen.

        Buy up the good ones? More like sue them into the ground.

    Why the fingers?

    Have they updated the software so it recognises individual fingers too?

    I think I'd be more comfortable with smaller gestures from closer in. This is kind of silly and OTT for most uses really.

    I've yet to see any of these "minority report UI" things actually demonstrate anything that makes me say, "Oh, this will totally help me work more easily or efficiently or comfortably."

    Its all just gimmicky ways to do somewhat less than a mouse, using large tiring movements whilst standing up. Which might be ok for casual games, but probably not helpful for productivity.

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