How Does Call Of Duty: Black Ops Look On The Wii?

I loved Call of Duty: Black Ops on the Xbox 360. I assume the PS3 version is just as great.

The PC version, though, seems to be suffering from some major bugs. But what about the Wii take on the game? Let's have a look.

CVG gives us a look at the Wii version of Treyarch's Cold War, shooter.

Here's the multiplayer in action:

And the singleplayer campaign:



    Kind of reminds me of Golden Eye on N64.

    lulz. FAIL.

    I feel sorry for everyone who only owns a Wii

    OH NOEZ It doesn't look completely realistic as I live out mai man-child fantasy of shooting hundreds of faceless evil people. This game must sucks.

    That looks like a decent port.

    Since we all know graphics don't make a game good, this looks completely fine.

    The only drawback looks like the control, bit I think that modern CoD games are designed around the standard control anyway, with slow overall turning speeds.

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