How Steven Spielberg's Ambitious Video Game Failed To Take Off

Steven Spielberg once tried to make a game known to most people only as "LMNO", an ambitious game that would have explored the relationship between a secret agent and an alien-like creature named Eve had it not been cancelled - twice.

1UP delves into the history of Spielberg's "LMNO" at developer Electronic Arts, explaining that the game was originally designed to be a cooperative adventure starring quiet everyman Lincoln and Eve, an alien-looking woman from thousands of years in the future. On the run from government agents, the duo would communicate non-verbally, with the AI-controlled Eve modifying her behaviour based on the player's decisions.

The game would have been presented in the first person, featuring parkour-esque gameplay in the vein of another EA game, Mirror's Edge. Oh, and it was about three hours long. At least, that was the first version of LMNO.

After realising just how ambitious, atypical and expensive the project was, EA reportedly gutted the team and started LMNO anew with something described as more Uncharted-like.

Too bad that didn't work out either. Ultimately, ambition, fear and the bottom line put LMNO to bed forever.

1UP's write-up of the LMNO affair not only goes extremely deep into the project, but also shows off screen shots and art from the canceled game. Don't miss it.

The Story Behind LMNO [1UP]


    What is it with aliens and Steven Spielberg?

      What is it with Steven Spielberg and aliens? What's with him always having lots of American colour subtleties in all his films (Red, White, Blue)? Why hasn't he directed anything phenomenal since E.T., Saving Private Ryan and Minority Report?

      It's because Señor Spielbergo is an illegal alien.

    Wow just read the article and the initial concept of the game sounds entirely engrossing. $60-90 for a 2-3hr game is still short but I'm sure that if the quality is what they described it as then perhaps it could have worked.

    Imagine if they did pioneer the 2-3hr movie length game? Maybe people wouldn't cry foul over the MOH gameplay length and the industry would be in a very different place today.

      A nice thought, but I don't think they could get away with it - evidently they didn't either.

      Hopefully we see something of the sort in the near future though, the concept of Peter Jackson's game had me pretty intrigued too.

    Interesting twist on an old story.
    The Dig, possibly the first game Spielberg was involved with and a solid adventure game from Lucas Arts, was originally a movie, supposedly, that was too ambitious and potentially costly to go to the big screen and ended up on computer, instead.
    This seems like the next logical step.
    And don't forget, Mr Spielberg also brought us the unforgettable Tiny Toons Adventures, as well as Freakazoid! and Animaniacs.

    Sounds interesting, if a little idealistic (if that's the right word). A little more originality and ambition in game design might even have paid off.

    Pity I liked the concept of the story.

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