How To Have A Frank Discussion With Your Kids About Star Wars

Parenting in the information age is difficult; children today are exposed to things that their parents never saw at such a young age. Such as Jar-Jar Binks (who killed grandma).

This well written (and acted) sendup of uncomfortable-conversation PSAs comes from Asylum. Seen via Star Wars: The Old Republic Strategies

PSA: Talking To Your Kids About Star Wars [Asylum]


    Haha that's gold :)

    Oh man, that has TOTALLY made my day - what an AWESOME clip!

    That was pure gold.

    Oddly I feel this should be a REAL PSA! lol.

    This is brilliant! :D

    LMAO that was awesome.

    and YES!
    If you tell your kid Vader is Lukes father you are a bad parent.

    That's hysterical. Kotaku having some great LOL posts today!

    Strangley enough they've summed up my whole parenting strategy right there!

    This is fantastic, nicely done and well linked Kotaku

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