How To Turn A Great Cartoon Into A Video Game

Adventure Time is the best new cartoon I've seen in years. So it's nice to see that the first person putting down sketches on how a game adaptation would work is Pendleton Ward, the man who created the show.

Don't know what Adventure Time is? Come on, grab your friends.

It's not an official project, so don't go asking who's developing, or which company is publishing, or when we can expect a developer diary, or what the game's Amazon pre-order bonus is going to be. It's just Ward putting down ideas on how he'd like a game based on his own show to be made.

He's no game designer, sure (and neither am I!), but I know I like Adventure Time, and with all this punching and bared teeth, I like what I see here. You can check out the full "concept" below.

[buenothebear @ Twitter, via Tiny Cartridge]


    All you'd have to do is make OoT with Finn as Link and Jake as Navi crossed with Noby Noby Boy/James Pond.

    There doesn't appear to be a 'poot' button...

      Only if you're fighting a Newt... Who steals Boots.

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