How Valve Will Bribe Team Fortress 2 Players Into Playing Poker

Later this month, Telltale Games—makers of Sam & Max and Penny Arcade video games—will release a new poker title featuring, among others, Team Fortress 2's Heavy. That's not the only incentive luring TF2 fans to do some gambling.

Valve is adding a few more items to the increasingly long list of equippable Team Fortress 2 goodies, including a new wristwatch for the Spy (The Enthusiast's Timepiece), Strong Bad's "styling" glasses (for the Demoman) and something known as the Lugermorph for the Scout and Engineer.

Of course, there's also a new visor and the Iron Curtain, a new mini-gun, for the Heavy. Considering the price of some of those Mann Co. items in Team Fortress 2, five bucks now looks like a steal. You win, Valve.

Shh. Sascha is asleep. [Team Fortress]


    I don't know about playing Poker, but they definitely have bribed people into buying it.

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