Hug A Gamer Day!

I didn't know this until right this very second, but apparently today is hug a gamer day. So if you're at work, and there's a guy or girl you sometimes talk to about games on your lunchbreak, get right over there and give them an awkward, 'where the hell did that come from' hug.

There's a facebook event here with thousands of attendees, although I'm not exactly sure where this event is going to be held. Maybe the idea is that the event be held in the hearts and souls of gamers worldwide. If you guys were here right now, I'd give each and overyone of you a big hug.

Spread the word. Go up to that person you have a crush on and say, 'um, it's Hug A Gamer Day'. That'll work!

Internet group hug everyone! Awwwww!


    *Hugs Mark*

    I'd hug my 2 work colleagues, but one of them is a German software designer who doesn't play games, and the other one is a Brazilian Tech where the last game he ever played was Hexen.

    I'd go hug the gamer students in school, but I'd be jailed for that.

    I'm lonely. :(

    *hugs everyone in a humongous squashy hug*

    I'm working from home and I'm here by myself :'(

    Gee thanks a lot Mark...

      I always work alone :( Damn this remote office set-up. If only I commuted, I could have had plenty of hugs today already. Wait... remote office, old consoles on desk. brb *playing Third Impact on DC*

    Hey, anything that tricks people into getting closer to my sweaty, heaving mass is okay in my books.

    Are gamers so starved for affection that they resort to this. Geez guys and gals we reek of desperation ;)

      *Hugs Dean*

      Then gently says "it's not your fault... it's not your fault" while patting him on the back until he breaks down crying and telling stories of his feelings that he had bottled up. It's OK mate, we're here for you.

        Thanks mate you are the only person who really knows me and how I hurt so much.

    Yeah, this doesn't concern me, no hugs wanted...

    Another stupid facebook event. The Hug a Half-Asian day was better though.

    And at least the 7/11 free slurpie days actually have some sort of purpose to them...

      Mmm...slurpees. Maybe we should have "give a gamer a slurpee day".

      *hugs Corey because he obviously needs one* :-P

        I'll take the Hug* and give one back then. May as well get in the spirit although I'm convinced someone gets paid to make these events up.

      I'm 3/4ths Asian, does that count? :P.

    if anyone tries to hug me today i'll slap them... unless its my fiance... lol



        *rips off his flannel shirt, revealing his muscular, sweaty and hairy chest, before leaping on top of both of you*

          For some reason I can't help but picture you as Groundskeeper Willie.

            ... You know, me too.

            That reminds me, I NEED TO SAVE THE WEE TURTLES!! *runs!*

          Personally, I thought of Saxton Hale...

    Gee thanks. I am stuck home alone today =P Haha. Way to make a guy feel bad, haha.

    The government has policies about... touching.

    No hugs for Jimmy.
    Also, most of the people around here are old... like, my game of choice is "solitaire" old.


    Thanks a lot for the article man. This is pretty sweet. Next year send me a P.M. I'd be glad to give a comment and make myself sound more awesome that I actually am :P

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