Hulk Hogan Plays Def Jam Rapstar, Flashes His Junk

Wrestling legend Hulk Hogan, daughter Brook and Jimmy Heart are having a wonderful time paying tribute to The Notorious B.I.G in Def Jam Rapstar, until the Hulkster decides the cameraman wants to see his penis. Thank goodness for censor bars.

Not even during the height of Hulkamania was flashing Hulk Hogan's privates a winning marketing strategy. There's not a single product in existence that I would buy based on a fleeting, censored glimpse of the Little Hulkster.

I say "in existence" because if a company wanted to market a line of disposable eye-gouging forks, I think it would work quite nicely.

As a special note to any aging wrestler who thinks this is a good idea, try not to have your daughter in the room when you present your penis.


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