I Don't Want The 'EnjoyableDisc' Gamertag

Some gamers need help with creating their Xbox Live gamertag. The new fall update is here to help. It provides a more user-friendly way of doing it: spinning a wheel. But its suggestions? They need work.

The first two times, I spun the wheel, I got a good array of names. Then the third time, it gave me a variation on "EnjoyableDisc". Every single time after that! Whether it was "Enj0yableDisc" or "Enjoyabl4Disc" or "EnjoyableDisc59", there it was. It's the default.

No, Microsoft, I do not want to be EnjoyableDisc. And neither should anyone else. But "BlueberryDragoon"? Now we're talking.


    I'm more of a 'TicketedHaddock' kinda guy.

    00:24 - LashedMermaid. Sounds kinda kinky.

    Its not even BlueberryDragoon, its BlubberyDragoon

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