Ice T Unboxes, Huffs Fresh Call Of Duty: Black Ops

Body Count singer and star of Law & Order SVU, Ice-T, is one of the first to legitimately get his hands on a copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops. What does the rapper think of Black Ops' smell?

It sure sounds like he enjoys that new Call of Duty scent. Mr T performs unboxing duties on the Xbox 360 version of Black Ops' Prestige Edition - the one with the radio-controlled car and a fuckin' medal - while taunting everyone who didn't get an early free copy from Activision.

Go ahead and watch if you want to be verbally abused by Ice, then watch as he does a little zombie killing, Black Ops style. There's a lot of sailor talk from Ice-T, so turn down your speakers if you have sensitive ears.

Keep an eye peeled for Kotaku's review of Call of Duty: Black Ops, which hits later tonight.


    What is this guy like 60?

    How am I supposed to respect anyone who goes from rapper to acting on Law & Order??

    That's like Eminem retiring to act in Neighbours

      I can think of plenty of reasons - because he is a legitimately cool guy who grew up in a bad neighbourhood but was still able to make something for himself. And is a hardcore gamer? And is hilarious?

      Oh, and I almost forgot, is married to Coco!

      "What is this guy like 60?"

      What are you, like 12?

    Nice pad/view. Not sure about the red colour scheme though.

    "legit cool guy who grew up in a bad neighbourhood" PLEEEASE you ain't seen a bad neighbourhood until you have swat raids in your neighbourhood every weekend. Hardcore gamer I have no doubt but hilarious?.... dude no...Dave Chapelle is hilarious...people Laugh AT ICE-T not with..

    "What are you like 12...?"
    What 12 yr olds do you know who actually give a damn about ICE-T?
    Most 12 yr olds think ICE-T is from Lipton.

    Try again son

      Reply Fail. How do you know what his neighbourhood was like? How do you know that he didn't get swat raids every weekend?

      You don't have to be 12 years old to act like a 12 year old...

        Btw the guy's 52... so when I said 60 i'm pretty sure I wasn't being over-dramatic.

        Maybe you should learn to count first..

          How precisely does his age invalidate the man's opinion? I regularly game with a guy who's 57, just had a bi-pass to(doing well).

          Oh and for the record Ice-T's affection for the CoD series is well known. He's also voicing a character in Gears 3 after some shennanigans on the Jace Hall show.

    I follow him on Twitter (he mostly talks utter garbage)and apparently he forgot to pre-order a Prestige Edition. He vaguely mentioned it on Twitter and next thing you know Activision put one in the mail for him.

    Makes sense for Activision cause Ice T has such a big mouth, they get even more advertising. Not that they need it of course.

    I'm not doing this again... oh all right.

    Is this the iced vo-vo guy?

    Clearly I underestimate how much you people love following washed up artists.

    I don't care how rough his neighbourhood was, but I'm sure he had a rough background to have to star in Breakin' 2 Electric Boogaloo... oh my what a career high

    Mr Waffle, 12 yr olds come up with 1 sentence responses so perhaps you should consult one before posting.

    Is there any commercial relationship between Ice T and the publishers?

    Now he might just be a fan, or use such publicity to help his career, or both -but it's a concern that such commercial relationships are kept opaque to the public eye yet this material is still posted as editorial on Kotaku.

    I really wish we had full disclosure when it comes to celebrity endorsements, or at least say in the article there may or may not be a commercial relationship -and leave it for readers to decide.

    I've bought my copy of CoD:BO, but I resent being man-handled by the the engineers of the hype machine.

    I think he might voice the American voice of multiplayer. It suonds like him a fair bit. You know all the "enemy spy plane inbound" talk.

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