Interactive Comic Will Set Up Mass Effect 2 For PS3

Mass Effect 2 is coming to the PS3; Mass Effect 1 is not. As the sequel can account for consequences of choices you made in the original, some were wondering how this will be addressed on the PS3.

The answer, according to a BioWare producer in the print edition of the German magazine Play3, is an interactive comic by Dark Horse that will establish the continuity of the first game and allow readers to make some choices to affect its outcome.

That's not all; in announcing Mass Effect 2 for the PS3 at GamesCom, Electronic Arts said it would feature "hours of bonus content." So in addition to the interactive comic, PS3 players will get a new mission delivering about six hours of play and all three previously released DLC extensions, plus the one-use code that gives access to the Cerberus Network.

This info comes over a German-language Mass Effect 2 forum, but it's from a community moderator and it's attributed to BioWare's Casey Hudson. Nonetheless, we've sent off an email to an EA publicist just in case things are different for users in other regions.

Update Zur Mass Effect 2 PlayStation 3 Version [BioWare Social Network via VG247]


    And once again, an xbox exclusive is released to the PS3 with ADDITIONAL content.

      ME2 was not an Xbox 360 exclusive. The game was launched on PC as well from Day 1. ME1 or an interactive comic? I'd rather play the game.

      This 'additional content' will be the next lot of DLC for the 360 and PC. They release some once every few months.

    That 6 hour content better be released on 360 as DLC. it would be stupid not to do it.

    On the Bioware forums it has been confirmed that this 6 hour content is only Kasumi, Overlord and Lair of the Shadow Broker - there are NO new missions made exclusively for the PS3.

      Yep. The '6 hour content' was a mistranslation, it only refers to the existing DLC and extra content bundled in the PS3 edition.

    Is there any reason why ME1 wasn't going to PS3 too..? This sounds like a pretty dumb oversight.

      It would take a lot of work to port the original Mass Effect over to PS3, presumably Bioware are hoping to secure a large player-base with ME2 (which was generally very well reviewed) and then sell a lot of copies of the third game on all three platforms.

      It is a bit of an oversight, and they might port it over in the future.

        Wasn't ME1 published by Microsoft?

          Having just checked, yeah, apparently. Or at least the Xbox 360 version. EA is listed as the publisher for the Windows version.

          I'm assuming EA/Bioware still own the rights to the Mass Effect IP, but I could be wrong. My understanding was that the Microsoft connection to ME2 was restricted to an exclusivity deal (i.e. only publish for Xbox/Windows for a certain amount of time). I'm not sure if Microsoft could block development of an ME port for PS3, or if Bioware/EA just aren't bothering for any number of reasons.

    Microsoft owns publishing rights for Mass Effect 1 and the PC version is actually published by Microsoft also. Unless they sell the rights Mass Effect 1 will remain exclusive.

    I bet Mass Effect 2 is not actually being ported by Bioware and is instead being ported by another team and therefore will probably run terribly. Maybe not but EA tend to screw up their ports.

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