Is Kinect Already Hacked?

Judge for yourself. Someone claims to have written a driver for the Kinect's motor, and he's extracted a Kinect's-eye view of what players look like to the device (above).

A while back we had a series of monochromatic shots animated together, showing you how the Kinect recognises players. This gives you a better view of it. Below, you can see NUI Group user AlexP controlling the Kinect's motor.

Forum commenters at Adafruit, offering the $US2,000 bounty for hacking the device, speculate that controlling the camera's motor is perhaps the easiest feat in hacking the Kinect. The skeletal imaging is pretty cool, but reading the terms of Adafruit's bounty, it sounds like just seeing what the device sees doesn't win the challenge. But it's probably a step along the way.

Did This Person Just Win The Open Kinect Prize? [Adafruit via Gizmodo]


    Very cool. Looks like it tracks the movement of hands and feet pretty well, even it was a little choppy in 1 or 2 spots. I don't think I've actually looked forward to the hacking of a device more than this, if some open source drivers come out some people could probably make some very cool stuff with it.

    Not really sure what qualifies this as "hacked". All the guy's done is write a customer driver to use the device on a PC.

      agreed, not hacked

    now synch it up to 3D max and a bi-ped and let me record mocap files I'll buy a kinnect in a heartbeat.

      Have fun cleaning that data!

    Hmmm. Now all I need is a mech and a visor and I can wreak havoc from the safety of my own home hahahahaa

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