Is This A Portrait Of A Human 50 Million Years From Now?

We recently rounded up the most nightmare-inducing creations of speculative zoologist Dougal Dixon. Here's another one of Dixon's futuristic Homo sapiens. This being is more or less a psychic raspberry strudel.

io9 superstar reader Hypnosifl has blessed us with this pre-Man After Man musing Dixon contributed to the November 1982 issue of Omni magazine (RIP). Dixon's vision of a hyper-evolved human was a psychic, teleporting brain-puppet ("he'll employ his expanded mental powers, "willing" nourishment up from the lake or teleporting himself down for a meal on the shore.") Dixon also discusses genetically altered human organs that wander around nomadically and affix themselves to passing animals. It's all fairly wackadoo, but we're suckers for speculative biology like this.

[via Jesse Mazer]


    Theoric Evolution always is such an interestingly subjective theme. Probably will get flamed to a crisp for this.

    But! Have a look around for the Luigi Seraphini codex, aptly named, Codex Seraphinianus.
    It's a cool read (browse really, no one has decriphered it)and one of those things you come across in life that has no purpose other than just wonder as to why you remember it.

    Looks like the 'blob' from the "I have no mouth and I must scream!" horror / adventure game. Except ofcourse it has a mouth :P

    Even if this planet exists in 50 million years time, mankind as we understand it, will long have ceased to exist. In fact, the way we are going I don´t give mankind another 200 years. We will nuke ourselves out of existence, thankfully. Doesn´t the parasite always kill it´s host?

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