Is This Bulletstorm Or The Actual Duke Nukem Forever?

The new trailer for Bulletstorm features a man yelling, in frustration, the phrase "Son of a dick!" [NSFW language warning, obviously.]

The upcoming game may not have the sexuality of the long-awaited Duke Nukem Forever, but it sure seems like it could be the new king of gleefully inappropriate violence. Duke, the longtime king of video game shooter wrongness, is in danger of losing his throne.

Here's the latest Bulletstorm triailer:

Bulletstorm comes from People Can Fly and Epic Games, the latter which created Gears of War. It's set for a February release next year, giving Duke Nukem Forever, which is also slated for 2011, a tough act to brutally, brazenly follow.

And if the Duke comparisons don't do it for you, consider that playing Bulletstorm also feels a lot like playing a first-person shooter spiced with the best elements of the Tony Hawk series. Strange but potentially amazing.


    BRAIN - DEAD - FUN!!!

    I Serrelously can't wait for this game.. it's going to be EPIC (no pun intended).

    "Badoosh"? "Son of a dick"?


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