It Is Real, This Is Actually Happening

Gran Turismo 5, a game over six years in development - and the recipient of its fair share of major delays - will finally be out next week. Don't believe us? Reader Michael sends the proof.


    Gran Turismo 5, Duke nukem forever, LA noir??
    with all these wait for ever games coming out finally Im confidant in calling the return of Christ in late 2011.

    I can't believe it either. I put the payments through on Friday for the game so it can arrive early and ready for my customers next week.

    It's just going to be Meh when its out anyway. Too much hype for just another racer

      Yes, it is just another racer..... With 1000 cars!!!!!

    can i have one?

    They've spent so much time meticulously rendering ever litty rivet and dip switch, yet a recent video showed a NASCAR going 40kph faster than the fastest ever recorded speed of a NASCAR. Casuals wont care though, they'll be too distracted by the eye candy.

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