Japanese Arcades Have The Best Prizes

This week, the 22nd Prize Fair was held in Japan. The event showcases goodies that players can win in Japanese arcades while playing crane games and their ilk. The 22nd Prize Fair? These companies must know what they're doing. They do. Let's have a look!

Note: The lady in the first pic is not a prize. The figurine she is standing next to, however, is.

[Pictures via Gigazine and Moeyo]


    The prizes are indeed awesome, but I found it insanely difficult to win! The crane games are seriously harder than Vin Diesel on viagra...wasted sooo much money on them and never managed to actually left anything!

    Once you understand how the arcade machines work, winning a prize wasn't actually that difficult, just took about 1000 yen in coins to actually win anything hahaha

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