Japanese PlayStation Network Brands Western Games

Sony knows it, I know it, you know it. Many of the best PSN games are made by Western developers.

To showcase the strong Western-developed PSN titles, Sony is launching a "Western Game Buyer Selection" branding for Western PSN games getting a Japanese release.

Starting on November 25, Castle Crashers, Comet Crash and Young Thor will be available - each priced at ¥1500 ($18), ¥1000 ($12) and ¥500 ($6).

Castle Crashers was released on the PSN in August 2010 (two years after its Xbox Live Arcade release), Comet Crash hit the PSN in 2009 and Young Thor was rolled out on the PSN this past July.

The reaction on Japanese forums and bulletin boards seems positive, with some gamers already putting in requests from games like Dead Nation.


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