Japan's Dumbest PSP Thief Made His Own Arrest Possible

Stealing is a crime. It's wrong. But, if you plan on breaking into a car and stealing someone's PlayStation Portable, be sure that you don't accidentally sell it back to its owner like Masashi Osawa did. You'll end up so arrested.

Earlier this month, 25-year-old Masahi Osawa spotted a PSP and a couple of CDs in a small car parked in an electronics store parking lot in Kagoshima Prefecture. The Yomiuri Newspaper reports that Osawa used some sort of tool to jimmy open the car, and apparently took a PlayStation Portable and several CDs all worth ¥13,900 or about $175.

Osawa then took those items into the electronics store with the intention of reselling them for cash. The 28-year-old part time store clerk thought the items might be his and went to his car to check when he discovered his car had been broken into, while another staffer called the cops, leading to Osawa's arrest.

駐車場で車上荒らし、換金の盗品はその店員の物 [YOMIURI ONLINE(読売新聞)][Pic]


    I wouldn't say that was so much dumb, as unlucky.

      It's dumb because generally if you want to sell stollen goods you want to do it as far away from the theft as possible.

      It wouldn't have been hard to walk/drive down the road to another electronics store to sell the loot though. I think that classifies as stupid.

      No, I'd say dumb.

    i dont understand how he's the 'dumbest' thief. kotaku is turning a bit sensationalist methinks.

    also, brian (if you read this), i havent visited kotaku in a little while. the flashy ads all over the place really make me not wanna come back ever. i know its probably not your fault, and more so gawker media or whatever, but still, this is something you're an ambassador for.

      Is there anything else with that free-to-read website, sir?

      adblock plus my friend

    I really dislike people who complain about ads :/, they're needed to help run the site and by threatening "I'm not going to come back" is just plain chilish. Ads have been around for decades whether you like it or not.

    Either way, this article made me lul. You'd think he'd try to sell it privately :p.

      Whilst I do agree with you about disliking people that complain about adds I do think at times kotaku does go a little over board with ads to the point that it's very distracting, and not distracting in the good way where they make you want to check them out but in the bad way that they are videos and you just don't want to come back.

      Just to clarify I know exactly why adds are here also, as a website developer I've set sites up with adds also =).

    worst possible luck EVER

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