Joe Danger Finally Gets The Monkey It Needs To Succeed

Hello Games' cheerful PlayStation Network stunt 'em up Joe Danger was dinged by at least one person for not having enough monkeys in the game. That lack of simian stuntmen has been corrected with Joe Danger's new downloadable content.

Joe Danger's fresh DLC comes with a little holiday flavour in the form of collectable turkeys and the sweet Native American headdress worn by Geronim-Joe. Joining him in the new Joe Danger add-on is knight rider Sir Bonehead, poultry-flavoured Chicken Joe and Chuckles the monkey, who wears the outfit all monkeys should: a fez and vest.

See all these new Joes in action in the latest Joe Danger trailer.


    While shift is a fun game and all, why is its trailer here?

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