Keep Your World Of Warcraft Account Safe With One Simple Phone Call

Blizzard is offering one more way to keep your World of Warcraft and StarCraft II account safe, this time by making a standard, toll-free phone call to authorize any weird login attempts.

The creators of Warcraft and Diablo have already given paranoid players the physical Authenticator and Mobile Authenticator app to keep their accounts protected. Today, the Dial-in Authenticator becomes available for folks who'd prefer to keep it old school and use their landlines for security. It's only available to accounts in the U.S. right now, but that may change.

Blizzard has put together a FAQ for anyone curious about the dial-up option. Dial-in Authenticator FAQ [Blizzard]


    "The creators of Warcraft and Diablo have already given paranoid players the physical Authenticator"

    Hahaha obviously someone who hasn't played WoW recently, hacking is so common these days you're more or less nuts not to either change your password weekly or get their authenticator thing.

    "Sounds" like a good idea, but then you'll discover that Blizzard is making all of your phone numbers publicly available due to their forums members uncontrollable hair loss or some non-reason like that.

    Yes that was sarcasm, my trust in the company was immensely shaken, if not shattered.

    That seems like a handy feature.

    Not fair to get your account hacked when you are paying a monthly subscription fee for it.

    I think by this stage, Authenticators are par for the course. I used to scoff at them too until I was unceremoniously hacked (some mope put his own authenticator on my account). Lesson of the day, link an authenticator to your account, or a Chinese hacker will do it for you.

    My mate got the iphone authenticator app. The week SC2 came out he had to restore the phone so the app was not synced and he spent a week in irate phone calls to Blizzard trying to get his account back.

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