Kevin Butler Commits Gran Theft Turismo

With each new major PlayStation 3 release comes a new video starring Kevin Butler, Sony's vice president of game commercials. In this Gran Turismo 5 spot he claims responsibility for the game's greatness and claims a sporty little number for himself.

Should I purchase Gran Turismo 5? Every time a new game in the series comes out I hem and haw for days, finally caving at the last moment. Then I bring the game home, marvel at the technical proficiency of it, and quickly realise I'm not a big fan of hardcore racing simulation.

Here's how my mind works: But this one has NASCAR, and damage effects, and kart racing! You LOVE Kart racing! Go preorder this immediately!

I must remain strong. No matter how pretty it looks, what's under the hood just isn't appealing to me. I'll just keep telling myself that.

It Only Does Revolutionary Racing Experiences [PlayStation Blog]


    KB your rock :) and that laugh

    I say that to myself too Mike. Maybe if heaps of my friends got it maybe then I'll get it.

    The VP of Add More Awesome is doing an outstanding job - he adds copious amounts of awesome to every ad he's in.

    I actually haven't bought a GT game since the original on PS1. While they always impressed me technically, the lack of car damage and piddly engine sounds just made it feel too sterile. This one appears to have fixed both those issues, so I have it preordered.

      So you're one of those pesky people who have made driving simulation fans wait even longer while the polite people at Polyphony cave in to putting damage in! (which is never going to look right in this generation of games anyway) :D lol

        Yeah, that's right. It was me. You want to make something of it? :P

        Actually, I am a bit disappointed to see that my 2005 Mazda 3 SP23 isn't included on the list of cars, even though the Mazda 2 is.

        I might get on the phone to Yamauchi right now and tell him to put it in. I'm sure you guys won't mind waiting an extra month or two, will you?

          See if you can get my 2000 model Nissan Pulsar done whilst you're at it.

          We'll make a race of it - even if you crash it'll be a win because you get to see the damage physics, you can't lose! :P

          I'm actually equally disappointed - my Smart isn't in there either, so they still haven't achieved the original Gran Turismo dream for everyone to 'drive their car in a game'! I guessss it's a pretty ambitious goal, I wont complain. Unless they delay it to Jan for a SP23 of course...

    To my beloved Xbox
    I love you, but the adds for PS3 are just walking all over you with pure awesomness.
    I know we'll snuggle tonight, but i'l probably just be thinking of Kevin Buttler...

    Don't care about car racing, but KB can sell anything...want! :D

    I don't like racing games, and I don't own a PS3... so GT has no interest for me, but I do enjoy the KB adds.

    It does prompt the question though, at what point does your brand become bigger than the product it's selling?

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