Kinect Hacked To Track Breasts, Or At Least Man-Boobs

The Xbox 360's Kinect sensor can already track the movement of your head, your hands, your knees — officially — but leaving it to the amateurs to hack it so that it can track breasts.

The enterprising Dan Wilcox hacked his Kinect to see if it could spot his chest. "The computer searches for my manboobs and draws a bra or pasties on top," he writes in a description for a video of his experiment on his blog. "Music is played when titties are detected."

Note that Kinect isn't really tracking Dan's man-boobs the way it tracks, say, a person's hands. While the Kinect appears to locate a person's hands in space and then tracks their movement, Dan's description suggests that he's got the Kinect merely guessing at where his "breasts" are — "I look for a person-sized blob and use it's centroid to approximate a search box wherein to detect 2 boobs" — so it's not clear if Kinect can or would be able to track any jiggle.

Keep it clean, Kinect hackers!

Kinect Titty Tracker []


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