Kinect Is A Blessing For This Family

With a (mostly) disappointing launch lineup and some niggling problems, it's easy to get down on Microsoft's Kinect. Try sparing a thought, though, for the parents of a four year-old autistic boy, for which it's been a revelation.

Gaming Nexus writer John Yan has penned an account of his experiences playing with Kinect with his son, who with autism finds controlling a game and navigating menus with a control pad difficult.

Kinect, though? By making him the controller, he was not only able to easily pick up how to play the games, but could find his way around normally-abstract things like menu screens.

It won't go changing your mind on how useful a product it is for you, but it's a touching story to end your day with regardless.

I think Kinect is OK, but it's the best $US150 I spent on a console [Gaming Nexus]


    "With a (mostly) disappointing launch lineup and some niggling problems"

    Don't forget the $200 price tag (almost enough to buy a Wii, or half a PS3).

      you gotta admit having half a ps3 isn't that fun though

      "Don’t forget the $200 price tag (almost enough to buy a Wii, or half a PS3)."

      So I suppose in every Rock Band and Guitar Hero thread you criticise the cost of plastic guitars and drums, right? Because otherwise- why bring it up? Why do people make an issue of this when people are just as happy to piss away money on plastic drums and "limited editions" that have remote control cars or... a metal tin, woo wow that's amazing!

        Dude. Rage more. I'd just as gladly reprimand people for spending ridiculous amounts of money on plastic drums and limited editions :)

          Well stop being an asshole than.

          Topic is about how it's a good thing, instantly turn it into a bad thing based on the unrelated part of the post.

    Nice story.

    But on Kinect, I was seriously considering buying a 360 bundle but the reviews and criticisms of Kinect has turned me off... for the time being.

    Well, disappointing is arguable - 12+ months ago I could see the launch wasn't going to be anywhere near as exciting as the tech and its future potential. That's just as a consumer, so I guess it depends on whether you got your hopes up or not.

    As for the article, hopefully these sort of stories encourage MS to expand the focus of Kinect beyond gaming, because I imagine it's the interaction rather than the games people can benefit from.

    Damn you dust particles, why must you dive bomb my eyes!

    The investment into the technology has been worth it if it helps one Autistic kid play video games... right?

      That's not what the article is saying... at all.

    It's nice to see a story like that. Everyone whether you're disabled in some way or not, should have the pleasure of playing video games.

    natural selection....

    Wow, there's so much derision in these comments. I'm surprised and a bit disappointed. I think it's a really sweet story, and it made me feel good.

    you can almost hear the marketing guy at Microsoft writing the TV movie script as we speak.

    good story though, my eldest son not autistic but he is a dumb arse in a medical sense and I was thinking of trying the same thing for him.

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